Opening of the new LESICO website

We are delighted to announce the opening of a new LESICO website for the 2nd International Conference of Sign Language Teachers.

Here is the presentation of the 1st International Conference of Sign Language Teachers, which took place at Prague in Czech Republic.

France chosen as organiser of the 2015 Conference.

Visuel-LSF France is a network of 12 training centers throughout France. The staff of Visuel-LSF France includes 71 deaf and hearing employees. Each center has its own skills which allows rich exchanges. Visuel-LSF has a rich experience of 18 years, which allowed it to expand its network and grow his activity.

The primary objectives of Visuel-LSF France are:

• Research on educational training programs

• Research on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

• Research on sign language assessment methods

• Research on the specifics of Sign Language programs such as Language 1 to the deaf or as Language 2 to the hearing people.

We are pleased to welcome you in Paris for the second conference of Sign Language Teachers.

You may have seen the presentation of the first LESICO International Conference, which took place at Prague in Czech Republic in 2013.

Two years ago, we were enthralled by this event and excited by the idea of organizing the next one. That is why we applied. Three countries were competing with each other: France, the Netherlands and Switzerland. It is with great pleasure that we learned that our application was selected for the organization of the 2nd International Conference for Sign Language Teachers.

Languages used for the 2nd LESICO International Conference

All presentations performed during the 2 days of conference (October 16th and 17th 2015) will only be in international sign language. All contents will be projected in English.

No translation will be assured during the conference

ENSLT : European Network of Sign Language Teachers.

A five-member preparatory committee was elected, whose members will be the main contact persons in the preparation of the organization
European Network of Sign Language Teachers (ENSLT).

Joni Oyserman (Holland), Delphine Petitjean (France), Radka Novakova (Czech Republic), Stefan Goldschmidt (Germany) and Luigi Lerose (Italy).

Visuel LSF co-organizing team

Christophe Petitjean (cameraman), Philippe Angele (technical organizer), Delphine Petitjean (program orzanizer), Rachid Mimoun (Visuel-LSF France’s President), Odile Ouedraogo (logistics organizer), Yan Motschwiller (animator), Mickaël Bloyet (treasurer).

Applying for a short presentation

Do you wish to give a short presentation? Please do not hesitate to send me your application. Here is how to proceed.

Send an email to Mrs. Delphine Petitjean - in charge of participants – at the following address: Please attach a 5 min video in which you present a 4 min summary in international sign language and a 1 min introduction of yourself: who are you? Where do you come from? Who do you work for? What is your experience? (CV). Please give us your email address.

Alternatively, you can send us your application via We Transfer or mail us a USB stick. Please give us your email address.

Your application must reach us by June 17th.

On June 30th, the organising committee will have selected the participants and will let you know its decision regarding your application.

If you are selected, you will have until mid-september to send us the content of your presentation in the format you actually wish to use (Power Point or any other type of files). The organising committee will then be able to prepare the necessary devices (computers, overhead projectors, …) and take care of the projection during your presentation.

Deadlines: Video Clip Abstracts

17th June 2015 – Video abstracts

30th June 2015 – Acceptance / rejection notifications to presenters

Presenting authors whose abstracts have been accepted must register for the conference.

15th September 2015 – Power Point

(or final short video presentation in International Sign Language or in English)

Practical details for the participants

The organising committee will select the participants. The presentations will last 20 minutes.

Visuel-LSF will not cover expenses related to the conference (transport, accommodation, meals,…).


Two types of scheduled presentations

1st Language (L1) / 2nd Language (L2) : how to assess them while taking their specifics into account ?

1st Language (L1) / 2nd Language (L2) : Training program’s specificities for youth

Teaching children or adults: Which differences? What methods should be used ?

How to integrate the deaf culture into teaching methods/programs ?

If you are interested and wish to apply for a presentation related to one of our three topics, please send us your application.


1st Language (L1) / 2nd Language (L2) : how to assess them while taking their specifics into account ?

1st Language (L1) / 2nd Language (L2) : Training program’s specificities for youth

How to integrate the deaf culture into teaching methods/programs ?



Registration will be opened from 20th April 2015 until 1st October 2015

Registration costs :

From the opening of registration until 31st July 2015 :

195 €

From 1st August 2015 until the close of registration :

215 €

Registration fees include :

Two day conference + Lunch + Coffee/the breaks (morning and afternoon) + Friday Gala dinner

How to get to the conference

Route from town center

You’ll find here information about the conference’s place.

Where to stay

Route from hotel

You’ll find here suggestions for your place to stay.


Do you wish to apply for organising the future LESICO conferences of 2017 or 2019 ?

The applications should be presented during the forthcoming conference in Paris in October.

Each applicant will have to give your reason for his application in front of the other attendees.

Following presentation, a vote shall be taken to determine who will organize the next conferences.

The applications and the vote will take place just before the end of the conference in Paris.


Do you want to contact us ?

You need information about the event ? Please use the following email address :

You want to send us your registration form ? Please send it to the following address :

Visuel-LSF France
Registration for 2nd LESICO’s Conference
28 bis, rue Balard

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